Why Hemp & Other Natural Fabrics

Good Health & Good Stewardship

Natural Vs Synthetic Fabrics

Did you know that about 95% of golf clothing is made out of plastic? Flip the tag on your favorite golf shirt and you’ll see materials like Polyester, Nylon, and Elastene. While these fibres are great for shiny designs and a seductive feel, wearing them too much and during exercise may be harming your health.

Synthetic fabrics made from plastics and other harmful toxic chemicals are being linked to bad health outcomes not limited to: Cancer, hormonal disruptions, respiratory infections, immune system deficiencies, skin conditions, and even low sperm count. How does this happen? Well your skin is the largest organ of your body and it absorbs up to 30% of what it comes into contact with. When you play a round of golf your body heats up and you sweat. This heat releases a lot of the chemicals on or inside these synthetic fibres and your skin takes them in.

This is why natural fibres are the way forward for golf apparel. Imagine a shirt or pants that perform as well, look just as good, but didn’t come laced with health risks? Enter Hemp! 

This miracle fibre wicks moisture just like your fancy plastic shirt but it’s also antimicrobial, the opposite of toxic. Instead of emitting toxins into your skin, Hemp fibres kills bacteria and fungi.   


Modern sports brands will try to sell you on the performance of synthetic fabrics. They claim their "performance" clothing is soft and breathable, that it wicks moisture and keeps you dry. The truth is that these materials are simply cheap to produce so they'd like you to wrap yourself in plastic while you sweat, even if it harms your health and trashes our environment to boot.

Clothing made with Hemp offers the same benefits and performance and has distinct advantages. It’s an insulative fiber which is breathable, wicks moisture, and will help keep you cool when you exercise and yet warm when at rest. Thanks to modern processing methods it's flexible for free movement and it's very comfortable. Hemp is also durable, so you’re going to get a longer life out of your apparel. On top of that it's naturally anti-microbial so body odor doesn't get trapped in the fabric like with synthetic clothing.

It’s just not true that synthetic fibers perform better.  


Golfers understand the importance of preserving the environment. We want to preserve the land so we can enjoy its spoils and natural beauty. But what if our clothing was ruining the very environment we cherish for our golf course? 

That’s exactly what relying on synthetic materials does. The industrial processes to create these materials leaves a tremendous amount of toxic waste. The clothes themselves don’t biodegrade and emit toxins into the air, soil, and water. Just washing these clothes in our modern washing machines creates toxic runoff that settles in our water sources. Even natural materials like non-organic cotton rely heavily on pesticides and other heavy chemicals in their production. 

Hemp allows golfers to wear excellent clothing while being responsible stewards of the environment. Hemp doesn’t strip the soil or nutrients and can in some cases clean soil of excess toxins. Hemp does not require the use of heavy chemicals to grow either. Hemp also takes less space to grow.