Bags: You will likely never need to wash your Odell bag as hemp stays naturally clean due to its antimicrobial and breathing properties. Also, often just open air and some sunshine will remove basic odors should they occur. If you feel the bag needs a wash we recommend you only hand wash in cold water (cold water prevents material shrinkage) and line dry. It is possible to machine wash the bags but it's tricky and we cannot warranty against damage from machine washing. As for the "Nasty bags" (which are synthetic) we recommend washing them however you like but line dry.

Apparel: For mots of our apparel you can wash however you want but we recommend more gentle cycles and lower heat with machines to maximize product life, and do keep in mind the hotter the water the more natural fibers will shrink. Do not use any bleach as it weakens the hemp, if you need a similar product try Oxiclean. We also encourage you to use a simple, natural ingredient, laundry detergent.


We provide a 3-year warranty on bags and a 1-year warranty on apparel against faulty manufacturing. If your item breaks in any way due to a fault in manufacturing while under warranty we will cover the cost of a repair for minor issues or replace it for larger issues free of charge. Please do remember this does not cover natural wear and tear as any natural fiber will wear over time, faster if you are rough on your gear. We reserve the right to refuse any warranty claim that it deems to be the consumers fault due to misuse, such as loading up bags with C4 or practicing Jiu Jitsu with badgers.

That being said at our discretion we may offer you our wear and tear discount which starts at 30% for year 1, 20% for year two, and 10% for year 3. To request this pleaseemail us with your original order number, a picture of and description of the problem.

If you purchase your item through a physical store, online retailer or via 3rd party such as Amazon or Ebay any warranty or returns must be handled through the point of purchase and are subject to their terms, conditions and individual warranty policy

Exchanges and Returns

We accept most products in their original, odor-free, unused or unworn condition (with any tags) for up to 30 days from the date of shipment, exceptions are socks and underwear (which cannot be returned for sanitary reasons). You may either receive store credit or a refund, less all shipping costs and a $1 restock fee per item (please understand that we are a small company and it would hurt us greatly if we had to pay for shipping expenses and restocking costs on non defective returns).

Email us for all warranty/return issues and please provide a picture of the damage along with a description.

About Us

The Way of Odell Sports and Leisure:

For sporting around the globe, or enjoying a lesiurely break to take in the goodness of life, we have the right gear to help you make the most of your time.

Our products are made using the finest natural materials in creation, such as hemp and organic cotton.
Hemp is strong, wicks moisture, breathes well, is highly resistant to mold, mildew and other smelly buggers. Organic cotton and hemp are also grown clean, free of pesticides.

Unlike those cheap plastic trash bags that masquarade as sports gear, our products support a more traditional, higher quality, natural lifestyle.

Using organic materials keeps our collective room clean. Being good stewards assures that mankind can enjoy fresh air and beautiful lands to play on, for all time.

Aim True & Play Well

The Origin Story

Odell Sports & Leisure was born from a love of outdoor sports, golf in particular, and those sweet moments of leisurely comfort. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, environmentally synergistic, non-toxic products. We also place the highest of values on good humor and enjoyment of the good life.

We have a popular sister company called Datsusara, that was founded in 2007 and based much on the same ideals but more targeted to the MMA and Jiu Jitsu scene. We have learned a lot from our years of making bags, apparel and accesories using natural textiles like hemp and organic cotton. We now bring that expertise to Odell Sports & Leisure. While Datsusara is very modern and military in style, here you'll find the same quality but with mid-century vintage touch.

We want to bring back a natural "joie de vivre" to our customer's life. We take care to make our products responsibly so that you can go play freely.

This company is also very personal to me as it carries my family name, and along with it, our honor. I endeavor to make my ancestors proud of my contribution to humanity.

Odell is an Irish and English surname that means "woad hill", hence the woad flower mark you will see here and on many of our products.

To all of our supporters, thank you so much. Your support means more than you'll ever know to myself, and everyone at Odell Sports & Leisure.


Christopher Odell
Odell Sports & Leisure
Founder and Creative Director